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Low Voltage Lamps
3W MR16
3W MR16 uses high brightness LED engine which gives a superb illuminance. It is ideal for the use in tracks, rails, and pendants in exhibit, architectural and residential applications.
Part Nr. CCT Field Angles Cover Color
LB-MR16-03310A 5650K ~ 7000K 38 deg white, silver
LB-MR16-03610B 5650K ~ 7000K 60 deg white, silver
LB-MR16-03320A 3800K ~ 4500K 38 deg white, silver
LB-MR16-03620B 3800K ~ 4500K 60 deg white, silver
LB-MR16-03330A 2670K ~ 3050K 38 deg white, silver
LB-MR16-03630B 2670K ~ 3050K 60 deg white, silver
Light Source Lens
1W High Power LED x 3pcs Single lens x 3pcs
Light Output CRI
Min. 190 lm(cool white) 70
Min. 130 lm(neutral white) 75
Min. 120 lm(warm white) 80
Gear / Transfo Base
circuit incl. GU5.3
Aperture Weight
not applicable 40 ± 5 g
Voltage IP
AC / DC 12V not applicable