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LED Products
Low Voltage Lamps 3W MR16
The MR16 and AR 111 low voltage lamps from LED 4 are suitable for retrofitting, offering superb illumination with the cost-savings associated with low voltage LED lighting.
GU10 Base 3W GU10
These LED lamps are suitable for use as downliights and spotlights and can be retrofitted into any GU type fixture. The 3W GU10 and 10W ES111 are suitable for a wide variety of applications.
Downlights 7W TD 20 Series
This range of recessed downlights includes the 7W TD20 Series, available in cool white and warm white for higher fittings. The 15W TD36 Series can be installed as fixed or tiltable downlights.
High/Low Bay Module High/Low Bay Module
For high and low ceiling installations, these modules are similar in appearance to traditional high/low bay lights while offering considerably improved energy saving and reducing maintenance costs.