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LED lighting reduces costs:

  • Consume half the electricity of CFLs, and a quarter that of fluorescent lights.

  • Last up to 10 times longer than incandescent lamps, reducing maintenance costs.

  • LED lighting produces far less heat than other forms, reducing the need for air-conditioning.

  • Because LED lights are solid state, so there is far less likelihood of breakage.

  • They contain no mercury and no CFCs, making them a much safer alternative.
LED Datasheets Downloads
Low Voltage Lamps
3W MR16 Download Datasheet 3W MR16
10W AR111 Download Datasheet 10W AR111
GU10 Base
3W GU10 Download Datasheet 3W GU10
10W ES111 Download Datasheet 10W ES111
7W TD 20 Series Download Datasheet 7W TD 20 Series
15W TD 36 Series Download Datasheet 15W TD 36 Series
4" 6" 8" Downlights Download Datasheet 468 Downlight
High / Low Bay Module
14" Reflector Download Datasheet 14 Reflector
PC Reflector Download Datasheet PC Reflector