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7W TD 20 Series
LED 7W Recessed Downlight
The TD20 series of 7 watt LED down lights by LED4, bring to the marketplace the perfect solution to energy efficient lighting. Designed with aesthetic appeal in mind, the TD20 fixed and tiltable down light range satisfies the needs of both the Commercial and Residential marketplace.

Constructed in high pressure die-cast aluminum these fixtures are available in both fixed and tiltable. A wide choice of finishes and adaptable spring steel mounting clips, makes this the perfect choice.
Part Nr. CCT Field Angles Cover Color
LR-TD20-0731xx 5650K ~ 7000K 38 deg white, silver
LR-TD20-0732xx 3800K ~ 4500K 38 deg white, silver
LR-TD20-0733xx 2670K ~ 3050K 38 deg white, silver
LR-TD20-0761xx 5650K ~ 7000K 60 deg white, silver
LR-TD20-0762xx 3800K ~ 4500K 60 deg white, silver
LR-TD20-0763xx 2670K ~ 3050K 60 deg white, silver
Warm White For High Specifications
LR-TD20-R-0733xx 2670K ~ 3050K 38 deg white, silver
LR-TD20-R-0763xx 2670K ~ 3050K 60 deg white, silver
Light Source Lens
High Power LED x 7pcs 7-in-1 lens x 1pcs
Light Output CRI
Min. 490 lm(cool white) 70 (cool white)
Min. 400 lm(neutral white) 75 (neutral white)
Min. 340 lm(warm white) 80 (warm white)
Gear / Transfo Type
circuit incl. Fixed, Titlable
Aperture Weight
Fixed, 72mm(2 3/4")
Titlable, 83mm(3 1/4")
Fixed, 140 ± 5 g
Titlable, 170 ± 5 g
Voltage Dimming Type
300mA, 28V No