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3W GU10
Built for downlights and spotlights, LED4 3W GU10 offers an instant replacement in GU type fixtures. The wide choices of color make LED4 3W GU10 an ideal light source in any applications. The low energy consumption and long life characteristics allow the customers to lower both energy and maintenance cost.
Part Nr. CCT Field Angles Cover Color
LB-GU10-03310A 5650K ~ 7000K 38 deg white, silver
LB-GU10-03610B 5650K ~ 7000K 60 deg white, silver
LB-GU10-03320A 3800K ~ 4500K 38 deg white, silver
LB-GU10-03620B 3800K ~ 4500K 60 deg white, silver
LB-GU10-03330A 2670K ~ 3050K 38 deg white, silver
LB-GU10-03630B 2670K ~ 3050K 60 deg white, silver
Light Source Lens
1W High Power LED x 3pcs Single lens x 3pcs
Light Output CRI
Min. 190 lm(cool white) 70 (cool white)
Min. 130 lm(neutral white) 75 (neutral white)
Min. 120 lm(warm white) 80 (warm white)
Gear / Transfo Base
circuit incl. GU10
Aperture Weight
not applicable 60 ± 5 g
Voltage IP
AC 100V ~ 240V not applicable