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10W ES111
LED 10W AC220V ~ 240V ES111
ES111 is an exceptionally high performance LED lamp built to last. It is a premium quality solid state lighting product precisely engineered and manufactured with state of the art technologies and materials. Proprietary driving circuit enables ES111 to replace traditional incandescent/ halogen lamp, up to 75 Watt, directly without additional modification or transformer.
Part Nr. CCT Field Angles Cover Color
LB-ES111-10210x 5650K ~ 7000K 25 deg white, silver, black
LB-ES111-10410x 5650K ~ 7000K 40 deg white, silver, black
LB-ES111-10220x 3800K ~ 4500K 25 deg white, silver, black
LB-ES111-10420x 3800K ~ 4500K 40 deg white, silver, black
LB-ES111-10230x 2670K ~ 3050K 25 deg white, silver, black
LB-ES111-10430x 2670K ~ 3050K 40 deg white, silver, black
Light Source Lens
1W High Power LED x 6pcs 6-in-1 lens x 1pcs
Light Output CRI
Min. 420 lm(cool white) 70 (cool white)
Min. 350 lm(neutral white) 75 (neutral white)
Min. 320 lm(warm white) 80 (warm white)
Gear / Transfo Base
circuit incl. GU10
Aperture Weight
not applicable 220 ± 5 g
Voltage IP
AC / DC 12V not applicable