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Low Voltage Lamps
10W AR111
LED 10W AC/DC 12V AR111
AR111 is an exceptionally high performance retrofit type LED lamp. It is carefully engineered with the most advanced LED innovations and the highest quality components to ensure optimal performance and reliability for years to come.
Part Nr. CCT Field Angles Cover Color
LB-AR111-10210x 5650K ~ 7000K 25 deg white, silver
LB-AR111-10410x 5650K ~ 7000K 40 deg white, silver
LB-AR111-10220x 3800K ~ 4500K 25 deg white, silver
LB-AR111-10420x 3800K ~ 4500K 40 deg white, silver
LB-AR111-03230x 2670K ~ 3050K 25 deg white, silver
LB-AR111-10430x 2670K ~ 3050K 40 deg white, silver
Light Source Lens
1W High Power LED x 6pcs 6-in-1 lens x 1pcs
Light Output CRI
Min. 420 lm(cool white) 70(cool white)
Min. 350 lm(neutral white) 75(neutral white)
Min. 320 lm(warm white) 80(warm white)
Gear / Transfo Base
circuit incl. G53
Aperture Weight
not applicable 190 ± 5 g
Voltage IP
AC / DC 12V not applicable